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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 7.1003. Confidential guardianship status report form

(a) Due date of status report

Each guardian required by the court to complete, sign, and file the status report authorized by Probate Code section 1513.2 must file the completed and signed report no later than one month after the anniversary of the date of the order appointing him or her as guardian. Co-guardians may sign and file their reports jointly.

(b) Court clerk's duties

The clerk of each court that requires guardians to file the status report authorized by Probate Code section 1513.2 must:

(1)  Determine the annual due date for the completed report from each appointed guardian required to file the report;

(2)  Fill in the due date for the completed report, in the space provided in the form for that purpose, on each blank copy of the form that must be mailed to appointed guardians under (3); and

(3)  Mail by first class mail to each appointed guardian no later than one month prior to the date the status report is due under (a) a blank copy of Confidential Guardianship Status Report (form GC-251) for each child under guardianship under the same case number.

(Subd (b) amended effective January 1, 2007.)

(c) Access to status report

(1)  Except as provided in paragraph 2, the clerk must make a status report submitted under Probate Code section 1513.2 available only to persons served in the guardianship proceedings or their attorneys.

(2)  If the ward is an Indian child and the child's tribe has intervened in the proceeding, the clerk must also make the status report available to the representative designated by the child's tribe.

(3)  Paragraphs (1) and (2) are not intended to preclude an interested person or an Indian child's tribe that has not intervened from filing a petition for a court order directing the clerk to make the status report available to that person or tribe.

(Subd (c) adopted effective January 1, 2022.)

Rule 7.1003 amended effective January 1, 2022; adopted effective January 1, 2004; previously amended effective January 1, 2007.


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