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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.1104. Presiding judge

(a) Designation of acting presiding judge

(1)  The presiding judge of the appellate division must designate another member of the appellate division to serve as acting presiding judge in the absence of the presiding judge. If the presiding judge does not make that designation, the appellate division judge among those present who has the greatest seniority in the appellate division must act as presiding judge. When the judges are of equal seniority in the appellate division, the judge who is also senior in service in the superior court must act as presiding judge.

(2)  As used in these rules, "presiding judge" includes acting presiding judge.

(b) Responsibilities

The presiding judge of the appellate division may convene the appellate division at any time and must supervise the business of the division.

Rule 10.1104 adopted effective January 1, 2009.

Advisory Committee Comment

Under Code of Civil Procedure section 77(a), the Chief Justice is responsible for designating one of the judges of each appellate division as the presiding judge.

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