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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.173. Court security committees

(a) Establishment

Each superior court must establish a standing court security committee.

(b) Role of the court security committee

The court security committee and any subcommittees advise the presiding judge and sheriff or marshal on the preparation of court security plans and on the formulation and implementation of all other policies and procedures related to security for court operations and security for facilities where the court conducts its operations. The presiding judge and sheriff or marshal may delegate to a court security committee or subcommittee the responsibility for conducting the court security assessment and preparing the assessment report.

(c) Members

(1)  The court security committee must be chaired by the presiding judge or a judge designated by the presiding judge.

(2)  In addition to the chair, each court security committee must include at least one representative designated by the sheriff or marshal and either the court executive officer or other court administrator as designated by the presiding judge.

(3)  The chair may appoint additional members as appropriate. Additional members may include representatives from other government agencies, including:

(A)   The facilities management office of the government entity, or entities, that hold title to or are responsible for the facilities where the court conducts its operations;

(B)   Local fire protection agencies;

(C)   Agencies that occupy portions of a court facility; and

(D)   Agencies other than the sheriff that manage local corrections or state prison facilities.

(d) Facility contact person

In those courts having more than one court facility, the chair of the court security committee must designate for each facility a single contact person to coordinate activities in the event of an emergency and to collaborate with the court security committee, at its request.

(e) Subcommittees

The chair of the court security committee may form subcommittees if appropriate, including a subcommittee for each court facility. The chair must determine the composition of each subcommittee based on the individual court's circumstances.

Rule 10.173 adopted effective January 1, 2009.

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