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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.493. Instructor-led training

(a) Definition

"Instructor-led training" means synchronous education, guided by faculty, that allows for real-time communication between faculty and participants and is offered by an approved provider under rule 10.481. Examples of instructor-led training include in-person trainings in a classroom setting, live webinars, and live videoconferences.

(b) Application

Notwithstanding any other rule, instructor-led training may be used to satisfy all continuing education requirements specified in the California Rules of Court that require traditional (live, face-to-face) education. This provision applies whether the requirement relates to a specific course or to a certain percentage or number of hours of education.

Rule 10.493 adopted effective January 1, 20201.

Advisory Committee Comment

This rule is intended to eliminate within the California Rules of Court any restriction that requires that a specific course or a certain number or percentage of hours of education be taken in a traditional (live, face-to-face) learning environment. This rule applies whether the education is described as "traditional (live, face-to-face)," "live (face-to-face)," "in person," or any combination of these terms.

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