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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.493. Delivery methods defined

(1)  "Asynchronous education" refers to training that learners participate in at their own pace outside the presence of an instructor or other learners. Asynchronous education includes viewing or listening to videos or audio files or participating in self-paced online courses.

(2)  "E-learning" refers to any kind of instruction that is delivered through an electronic device using electronic media. E-learning can be either synchronous or asynchronous and either live or prerecorded, such as participating in live webinars, viewing or listening to videos or audio files, or participating in online courses.

(3)  "Instructor-led training" refers to synchronous education, guided by faculty, that allows for real-time communication between faculty and participants. Live, synchronous education facilitated by an instructor may be delivered remotely via e-learning or in person. Examples of instructor-led training include in-person trainings in a classroom setting, and live webinars.

(4)  "Self-directed study" refers to education in which learners engage in a process where they take primary responsibility for planning, executing, and evaluating a course of study with or without guidance from a manager, supervisor, or peer. In self-directed learning, the individual learner assumes responsibility for the design and completion of a course of study. Prior approval to engage in self-directed study may be required to qualify for continuing education credit.

Rule 10.493 amended effective January 1, 2024; adopted January 1, 2021.

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