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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.614. Local court forms

Local forms must comply with the following:

(1)  Each form must be on paper measuring no more than 81/2 by 11 inches and no less than 81/2 by 5 inches.

(2)  The court must make copies of its forms available in the clerk's office. A court may, as an alternative, make its forms available in a booklet from which photocopies of the forms may be made. The court may charge for either copies of forms or the booklet of forms.

(3)  The court must assign to each form a unique designator consisting of numbers or letters, or both. The designator must be positioned on the form in the same manner as the designator on a Judicial Council form.

(4)  The effective date of each form must be placed on the form in the same manner as the effective date on a Judicial Council form, and each form must state whether it is a "Mandatory Form" or an "Optional Form" in the lower left corner of the first page.

(5)  Each court must make available a current list of forms adopted or approved by that court. The list must include, for each form, its name, number, effective date, and whether the form is mandatory or optional. There must be two versions of the list, one organized by form number and one organized by form name. The court must modify its lists whenever it adopts, approves, revises, or repeals any form.

(6)  Each form must be designed so that no typing is required on it within 1 inch of the top or within 1/2 inch of the bottom.

(7)  All forms presented for filing must be firmly bound at the top and must contain two prepunched, normal-sized holes centered 21/2 inches apart and 5/8 inch from the top of the form.

(8)  If a form is longer than one page, the form may be filed on sheets printed on only one side even if the original form has two printed sides to a sheet. If a form is filed on a sheet printed on two sides, the reverse side must be rotated 180 degrees (printed head to foot).

Rule 10.614 amended effective January 1, 2014; adopted as rule 201.3 effective January 1, 2003; previously amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007.

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