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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.65. Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee

(a) Area of focus

The committee makes recommendations to the council on facilities modifications, maintenance, and operations; environmental services; and utility management.

(b) Additional duties

In addition to the duties specified in rule 10.34, the committee:

(1)  Makes recommendations to the council on policy issues, business practices, and budget monitoring and control for all facility-related matters in existing branch facilities.

(2)  Makes recommendations to the council on funding and takes additional action in accordance with council policy, both for facility modifications and for operations and maintenance.

(3)  Collaborates with the Court Facilities Advisory Committee in the development of the capital program, including providing input to design standards, prioritization of capital projects, and methods to reduce construction cost without impacting long-term operations and maintenance cost.

(4)  Provides quarterly and annual reports on the facilities modification program in accordance with the council policy.

(c) Membership

The committee consists of members from the following categories:

(1)  Trial court judges; and

(2)  Court executive officers.

The committee includes the chair and vice-chair of the Court Facilities Advisory Committee, as nonvoting members.

Rule 10.65 adopted effective January 1, 2015.

Advisory Committee Comment

The Judicial Council policy referred to in the rule is contained in the Trial Court Facility Modifications Policy adopted by the council.

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