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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 10.743. Administrator of temporary judges program

(a) Administrator

The presiding judge who appoints attorneys as temporary judges must designate a clerk, executive officer, or other court employee knowledgeable about temporary judges to serve as the Temporary Judge Administrator in that court.

(b) Duties of administrator

Under the supervision of the presiding judge, the Temporary Judge Administrator is responsible for the management of the temporary judges program in the court. The administrator's duties include:

(1)  Receiving and processing applications from attorneys to serve as temporary judges with the court;

(2)  Verifying the information on the applications;

(3)  Assisting the presiding judge in the recruitment and selection of attorneys to serve as temporary judges, as provided in rule 10.741;

(4)  Administering the court's program for the education and training of temporary judges;

(5)  Maintaining records of attendance and completion of required courses by all attorneys serving as temporary judges in the court;

(6)  Determining that attorneys have satisfied all the conditions required to be appointed as a temporary judge in that court, including continuing education requirements;

(7)  Maintaining a list of attorneys currently appointed and qualified to serve as temporary judges in the court;

(8)  Managing support services for temporary judges, such as providing mentoring programs and reference materials;

(9)  Receiving and processing complaints and other information concerning the performance of attorneys serving as temporary judges;

(10)  Assisting the presiding judge in identifying judicial needs that require the use of temporary judges and in addressing these needs; and

(11)  Maintaining records, gathering statistics, and preparing and transmitting quarterly reports on the court's use of temporary judges as required under rule 10.742(c).

(Subd (b) amended effective July 1, 2012; previously amended effective January 1, 2007.)

Rule 10.743 amended effective July 1, 2012; adopted as rule 6.743 effective July 1, 2006; previously amended and renumbered effective January 1, 2007.

Advisory Committee Comment

The goal of this rule is to ensure the effective and efficient administration of the courts' use of temporary judges. The rule should be applied flexibly. In courts with large temporary judge programs, the court may want to designate a full-time administrator, and some of the administrator's duties may be delegated to other individuals. On the other hand, in courts that use only a few temporary judges, the Temporary Judge Administrator position may consume only part of the administrator's time and be combined with other duties. Also, courts that use only a small number of temporary judges may work with other courts, or may cooperate on a regional basis, to perform the functions and duties prescribed under this rule.

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