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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 3.728. Case management order

The case management conference must be conducted in the manner provided by local rule. The court must enter a case management order setting a schedule for subsequent proceedings and otherwise providing for the management of the case. The order may include appropriate provisions, such as:

(1)  Referral of the case to judicial arbitration or other alternative dispute resolution process;

(2)  A date for completion of the judicial arbitration process or other alternative dispute resolution process if the case has been referred to such a process;

(3)  In the event that a trial date has not previously been set, a date certain for trial if the case is ready to be set for trial;

(4)  Whether the trial will be a jury trial or a nonjury trial;

(5)  The identity of each party demanding a jury trial;

(6)  The estimated length of trial;

(7)  Whether all parties necessary to the disposition of the case have been served or have appeared;

(8)  The dismissal or severance of unserved or not-appearing defendants from the action;

(9)  The names and addresses of the attorneys who will try the case;

(10)  The date, time, and place for a mandatory settlement conference as provided in rule 3.1380;

(11)  The date, time, and place for the final case management conference before trial if such a conference is required by the court or the judge assigned to the case;

(12)  The date, time, and place of any further case management conferences or review; and

(13)  Any additional orders that may be appropriate, including orders on matters listed in rules 3.724 and 3.727.

Rule 3.728 adopted effective January 1, 2007.

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