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2023 California Rules of Court

Rule 2.526. Audit trails

(a) Ability to generate audit trails

The court should have the ability to generate an audit trail that contains one or more of the following elements: what electronic record was remotely accessed, when it was remotely accessed, who remotely accessed it, and under whose authority the user gained access.

(b) Limited audit trails available to authorized users

(1)  A court providing remote access to electronic records under this article should make limited audit trails available to authorized users under this article.

(2)  A limited audit trail should identify the user who remotely accessed electronic records in a particular case, but must not identify which specific electronic records were accessed.

Rule 2.526 adopted effective January 1, 2019.

Advisory Committee Comment

The audit trail is a tool to assist the courts and users in identifying and investigating any potential issues or misuse of remote access. The user's view of the audit trail is limited to protect sensitive information.

To facilitate the use of existing remote access systems, rule 2.526 is currently not mandatory, but may be amended to be mandatory in the future.

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