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2024 California Rules of Court

Rule 2.895. Requests for interpreters

(a) Publish procedures

Each court must publish procedures for filing, processing, and responding to requests for interpreters consistent with the Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts (adopted January 2015). Each court must publish notice of these procedures in English and up to five other languages, based on local community needs.

(b) Track requests

Each court must track all requests for language services and whether such services were provided. Tracking must include all requests for court interpreters in civil actions, as well as approvals and denials of such requests.

(c) Notify court if represented party will not be appearing

If a party who has requested an interpreter for herself or himself is represented by counsel, the attorney must notify the court in advance whenever the party will not be appearing at a noticed proceeding.

Rule 2.895 adopted effective July 1, 2016.

Advisory Committee Comment

The Request for Interpreter (Civil) (form INT-300) is concurrently adopted as a model form that will become an optional form, effective January 1, 2018. Until that time, the form can serve as a model that courts may use as part of their procedures, as required under this rule.

This rule shall not be construed in a way that conflicts with Evidence Code section 756.

Subdivision (a). "Local community needs" is described in recommendation 5 of the Strategic Plan for Language Access in the California Courts (adopted January 2015).

Subdivision (b). The committee recommends electronic processing of civil interpreter requests to aid the court in data collection about the provision or denial of language services.

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