Wage Garnishment Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the correct amount to withhold from an employee's pay under an Earnings Withholding Order (form WG-002) or an Earnings Withholding Order for Elder or Dependent Adult Financial Abuse (form WG-030).

DO NOT use this calculator to determine the correct amount of withholding for other types of wage garnishments and assignments, such as orders for support or taxes. Different rules apply to those orders.

Disposable Earnings Computation

Enter dollar and cents amounts only, separated by a decimal. Do not use letters or the dollar sign.

Pay Period:

How often is the employee paid?

Gross earnings:

Enter withholding amounts:

Minimum wage:

Enter the where the employee works. See the Applicable Minimum Wage section of the website for more information.

Other garnishments:

Enter the total amount withheld under any . See the If You Receive More Than One Earnings Withholding Order section of the website or the Employer's Return (form WG-005) for more information. If the employee's earnings are NOT subject to any withholding orders with priority, enter 0.