Distinguished Service Awards

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Invitation to Nominate

The Chief Justice and Judicial Council invite you to submit nominations for the Judicial Council of California Distinguished Service Awards. As the highest honor bestowed by our state judicial branch, this award provides a unique opportunity to celebrate individuals and organizations that exemplify the ideals of justice and actively champion the goals of California’s court system.

Since 1993, the council has recognized outstanding contributions to the administration of justice through the Distinguished Service Awards. These awards honor individuals and organizations who demonstrate unwavering commitment to fair and equal access to justice, thereby advancing the strategic goals of the Judicial Council for the betterment of California’s judicial branch:

  1. Access, Fairness, Diversity, and Inclusion
  2. Independence and Accountability
  3. Modernization of Management and Administration
  4. Quality of Justice and Service to the Public
  5. Education for Branchwide Professional Excellence
  6. Branchwide Infrastructure for Service Excellence
  7. Adequate, Stable, and Predictable Funding for a Fully Functioning Branch

While the foundational obligations of our court system remain constant, the public service contributions made by individuals have continued to evolve and diversify in scope over the years. We look forward to receiving your nominations for the 2024 recipients, who will join the esteemed ranks of those who have left lasting legacies throughout the judicial branch.


How to Apply

The nomination form is accessible here (downloadable form can be found here). The deadline for nominations is June 21, 2024.
Please direct your questions to Kathy Joson, associate analyst, Judicial Council and Trial Court Leadership, at DSA@jud.ca.gov.

For a list of past recipients, visit Distinguished Service Award recipients 1993–2023. The annual nomination cycle typically begins between May and June. 

Note: Current Judicial Council members are not eligible to receive the Distinguished Service Award.