Glenn County, Willows Courthouse Renovation/Expansion

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Glenn County, Willows Courthouse Renovation/Expansion

The scope of this project is for the renovation and expansion of the existing 15,798 square foot Glenn County Historic Courthouse located in the City of Willows. This project will provide a modern, secure courthouse with three courtrooms for the residents of Glenn County. The project will improve the existing deficient Glenn County Court facilities by consolidating the Willows Historic Courthouse and Orland court facilities into a single Willows Courthouse to alleviate operational and service restrictions by adding 26,069 square feet of additional space. This project is ranked in the Critical Need priority group in the Trial Court Five-Year Infrastructure Plan adopted by the Judicial Council of California in October 2008, and consequently is one of the highest priority trial court capital-outlay projects for the Judicial Branch.

Gross Square Footage: 41,867
Total Courtrooms: 3
Current Authorized Project Budget: $62,768,000
Architectural/Engineering Firm: Page & Turnbull
Construction Management Agency: Vanir Construction Management, Inc.
Construction Manager at Risk: Arntz Builders
Fund: Senate Bill 1407/General Fund

The Superior Court of Glenn County operates from two facilities—the Orland Branch, and the main facility, the Historic Courthouse in downtown Willows. The historic courthouse, built in 1894, has two stories totaling 16,100 square feet. The building received additions in the 1940s—three single-story structures that sit behind the original courthouse. The proposed project will improve security and functionality and increase efficiency by consolidating the two facilities into one—a renovated and expanded historic courthouse in Willows. The proposed project is being planned consistent with the U.S. Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. The previous additions will be demolished, returning the historic building to its original form before an addition is built behind it.

The historic courthouse will undergo a seismic strengthening and improvements to its mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. The historic courthouse will house the main entrance and lobby, security screening, self-help center, mediation and settlement spaces, court administration, and one courtroom. A planned two-story, 26,900 square-foot addition will be located behind the historic courthouse, on state property and on a small parcel to be acquired from Glenn County. The addition will house clerk's offices and court operations, two courtrooms, the sheriff, and holding areas for in-custody defendants. The addition will be designed as compatible with, but differentiated from, the historic building.

During construction, the court will vacate the main courthouse, operating at the Orland Branch and at the Willows Memorial Hall, which houses the Board of Supervisors. Staff will relocate to leased swing space (and a modular building) in Willows until construction is complete.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

The Judicial Council complied with CEQA by filing a categorical exemption for this project on December 1, 2010.

This project is currently in the construction phase.

Construction began in December 2018 and is estimated to complete in September 2023.

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Willows During Construction

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