Siskiyou County, New Yreka Courthouse

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Siskiyou County, New Yreka Courthouse

Construct a new five-courtroom, two-story building of 67,459 building gross square feet (BGSF) in the City of Yreka. The project site consists of two lots, totaling approximately 2.4 acres across the street from the existing courthouse. It provides 109 public spaces on grade, including five accessible spaces and five underground secure spaces are provided. This new facility will replace the existing space in the Siskiyou Superior Courthouse and the Eddy Building Annex and provides a modern and secure courthouse for Siskiyou County, replacing existing deficient court facilities and creating efficiencies through consolidation of court services. The project utilizes a Construction Manager at Risk delivery method.

Completion Date: 4/13/21
Occupancy Date: 5:12/21
Gross Square Footage: 67,459
Total Courtrooms: 5
Current Authorized Project Budget: $73,634,179
Architectural/Engineering Firm: Esherick, Homsey, Dodge & Davis Architects
Construction Management Agency: AECOM
Construction Manager at Risk: McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
Fund: Senate Bill 1407/General Fund

The Siskiyou Superior Courthouse is multiple connected structures, with the original structure dating from 1857. The remaining structures were added through the years. This overcrowded facility has significant security deficiencies. For example, it lacks on-site in-custody holding and separate circulation for in-custody defendants, staff, and the public. The current courthouse also has severe functional and ADA access deficiencies. It lacks enough courtrooms for all assigned judges, and one of the four courtrooms must be shared with the County Board of Supervisors. The courthouse's lower level routinely floods during the rainy season. The building's limited space has forced the court to lease an annex building about one block away.

This project will replace the current courthouse and annex with a modern, secure courthouse for all case types and functions, including criminal, family, traffic, juvenile, probate proceedings and investigations, and civil settlements. It will also enable the court to provide basic services it cannot currently offer due to space restrictions: adequately sized jury deliberation rooms, a self-help center, a children's waiting room, family court mediation, attorney interview/witness waiting rooms, and secure circulation for court staff and visitors. The courthouse will contain enough courtrooms for all assigned judges.

The new courthouse will be located on 2.4 acres across the street from the current courthouse. Site acquisition was completed in mid-2012.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

Judicial Council staff complied with CEQA by filing a categorical exemption for this project's preferred site on May 18, 2011.

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