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To request an interpreter for a civil case, you may use form INT-300. You should also check your local court’s website via Find My Court for additional information on how to request an interpreter for a civil matter.

Para solicitar un intérprete para un caso civil, puede usar el formulario INT-300. También debe consultar la página web de su tribunal local para más información sobre cómo solicitar un intérprete para un caso civil.

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The Judicial Council forms available below are current as of January 1, 2020.
Results *Forms marked with the asterisk are adopted for mandatory use by all courts.
Form Date Revised Description
SC-200-INFO S Jul 1, 2010 What to Do After the Court Decides Your Small Claims Case (Small Claims) (Spanish)
MC-025 S Jul 1, 2009 Attachment to Judicial Council Form (Spanish)
LA-450 S Sep 1, 2019 Service Not Available in My Language: Order - Spanish
LA-400 S Sep 1, 2019 Service Not Available in My Language: Request to Change Court Order - Spanish
JV-826 S Jan 1, 2007 Denial of Petition (California Rules of Court, Rules 8.452, 8.456) - Spanish
JV-792 S Sep 1, 2018 Instructions: Order for Restitution and Abstract of Judgment (Spanish)
JV-755 S Jan 1, 2012 Deferred Entry of Judgment—Dismissal and Sealing of Juvenile Records (Spanish)
JV-750 S Jan 1, 2006 Determination of Eligibility – Deferred Entry of Judgment—Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-740 S Jan 1, 2012 Petition to Modify, Change, or Set Aside Previous Orders—Change of Circumstances (Spanish)
JV-735 S May 22, 2017 Juvenile Notice of Violation of Probation (Spanish)
JV-732 S Sep 1, 2017 Commitment to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of Juvenile Facilities (Spanish)
JV-710 S May 22, 2017 Order to Transfer Juvenile to Criminal Court Jurisdiction (Welfare and Institutions Code, § 707) (Spanish)
JV-635 S May 22, 2017 Promise to Appear—Juvenile Delinquency (Juvenile 14 years or Older) (Spanish)
JV-625 S Sep 1, 2018 Notice of Hearing—Juvenile Delinquency Proceeding (Spanish)
JV-620 S Jan 1, 2007 Violation of Law By Child - Spanish
JV-618 S Jan 1, 2014 Waiver of Rights—Juvenile Delinquency (Spanish)
JV-615 S Jan 1, 2012 Deferred Entry of Judgment Notice of Noncompliance (Spanish)
JV-611 S Jan 1, 2007 Child Habitually Truant § 601(b) (Spanish)
JV-610 S Jan 1, 2007 Child Habitually Disobedient § 601(a) - Spanish
JV-600 S Sep 1, 2018 Juvenile Wardship Petition (Spanish)
JV-596-INFO S Sep 1, 2018 Sealing of Records for Satisfactory Completion of Probation (Spanish)
JV-595-INFO S Sep 1, 2018 How to Ask the Court to Seal Your Records (Spanish)
JV-590 S Sep 1, 2018 Order to Seal Juvenile Records—Welfare and Institutions Code Section 781 (Spanish)
JV-580 S Jan 1, 2006 Notice to Child and Parent/Guardian RE: Release of Juvenile Police Records and Objection (Spanish)
JV-575 S Jan 1, 2007 Petition to Obtain Report of Law Enforcement Agency - Spanish
JV-570 S Jan 1, 2009 Request for Disclosure of Juvenile Case File (Spanish)
JV-552 S Jan 1, 2017 Juvenile Court Transfer-Out Orders—Nonminor Dependent (Spanish)
JV-550 S Jan 1, 2017 Juvenile Court Transfer-Out Orders (Spanish)
JV-540 S Jan 1, 2014 Notice of Hearing on Joinder—Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-539 S Jan 1, 2014 Request for Hearing Regarding Child’s Access to Services (Spanish)
JV-537 S Jan 1, 2014 Educational Rights Holder Statement (Spanish)
JV-536 S Jan 1, 2014 Local Educational Agency Response to JV-535—Appointment of Surrogate Parent (Spanish)
JV-535(A) S Jan 1, 2014 Attachment to Order Designating Educational Rights Holder (Spanish)
JV-535 S Jan 1, 2014 Order Designating Educational Rights Holder (Spanish)
JV-531 S Jul 1, 2002 Local Educational Agency Response to JV-530 - Spanish
JV-530 S Jul 1, 2002 Certified Request for Pupil Records - Truancy - Spanish
JV-520 S Jan 1, 2007 Fax Filing Cover Sheet - Spanish
JV-505 S Jan 1, 2008 Statement Regarding Parentage (Juvenile) (Spanish)
JV-501 S Jan 1, 2007 Parentage-Findings and Judgment (Spanish)
JV-500 S Jan 1, 2007 Parentage Inquiry - Spanish
JV-464-INFO S Jan 1, 2019 How to Ask to Return to Juvenile Court Jurisdiction and Foster Care (Spanish)
JV-365 S Jan 1, 2017 Termination of Juvenile Court Jurisdiction—Nonminor (Spanish)
JV-364 S Jan 1, 2007 Termination of Dependency - Spanish
JV-357 S Jul 1, 2016 Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings (Spanish)
JV-356 S Jan 1, 2016 Request for Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings (Spanish)
JV-350-INFO S Sep 1, 2019 Guardianship Pamphlet – Spanish
JV-330 S Sep 1, 2019 Letters of Guardianship (Juvenile) - Spanish
JV-326-INFO S Jan 1, 2019 Instructions for Notice of Prospective Adoptive Parent Hearing (Spanish)
JV-310 S Jan 1, 2007 Proof of Service Under Section 366.26 of the Welfare and Institutions Code - Spanish
JV-305 S Jan 1, 2007 Citation for Publication Under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 294 (Spanish)
JV-300 S* Jul 1, 2010 Notice of Hearing on Selection of a Permanent Plan (Spanish)
JV-299 S Sep 1, 2019 De Facto Parent Pamphlet – Spanish
JV-298 S Jan 1, 2007 Order Ending De Facto Parent Status - Spanish
JV-297 S Sep 1, 2019 De Facto Parent Order - Spanish
JV-296 S Jan 1, 2007 De Facto Parent Statement - Spanish
JV-295 S Jan 1, 2007 De Facto Parent Request - Spanish
JV-290-INFO S Oct 1, 2007 Instruction Sheet for Caregiver Information Form (Spanish)
JV-290 S Oct 1, 2007 Caregiver Information Form (Spanish)
JV-287 S Jan 1, 2011 Confidential Information (Spanish)
JV-285 S Jan 1, 2011 Relative Information (Spanish)
JV-280 S Jan 1, 2007 Notice of Review Hearing - Spanish
JV-257 S Jan 1, 2014 Change To Restraining Order After Hearing—Juvenile (CLETS—JUV) (Spanish)
JV-255 S Sep 1, 2019 Restraining Order—Juvenile (CLETS—JUV) (Spanish)
JV-252-INFO S Jul 1, 2014 How Do I Turn In, Sell, or Store My Firearm? (Spanish)
JV-252 S Jul 1, 2014 Proof of Firearms Turned In, Sold, or Stored (Spanish)
JV-251 S Jul 1, 2016 Request and Order to Continue Hearing (Spanish)
JV-250 S Sep 1, 2019 Notice of Hearing and Temporary Restraining Order—Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-247 S Jul 1, 2014 Answer to Request for Restraining Order - Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-245 S Jan 1, 2017 Request for Restraining Order—Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-225 S Jan 1, 2014 Your Child’s Health and Education (Spanish)
JV-222 S Jan 1, 2018 Input on Application for Psychotropic Medication (Spanish)
JV-219 S Jan 1, 2018 Statement About Medicine Prescribed (Spanish)
JV-218 S Jul 1, 2016 Child’s Opinion About the Medicine (Spanish)
JV-217-INFO S Jan 1, 2019 Guide to Psychotropic Medication Forms (Spanish)
JV-206 S Jan 1, 2016 Reasons for No or Supervised Visitation—Juvenile (Spanish)
JV-205 S Jan 1, 2016 Visitation Order (Spanish)
JV-200 S Jan 1, 2016 Custody Order - Final Judgment (Spanish)
JV-195 S Jul 1, 1998 Waiver of Reunification Services (Spanish)
JV-190 S Jan 1, 2007 Waiver of Rights-Juvenile Dependency - Spanish
JV-180 S Jan 1, 2014 Request to Change Court Order (Spanish)
JV-150 S Jan 1, 2007 Supplemental Petition for More Restrictive Placement (Attachment) (Welfare and Institutions Code, § 387) - Spanish
JV-140 S Jan 1, 2007 Notification of Mailing Address - Spanish
JV-130-INFO S Jan 1, 2013 Paying for Lawyers in Dependency Court—Information for Parents and Guardians (Spanish)
JV-129 S Jan 1, 2007 Abuse of Sibling (§ 300 (i)) - Spanish
JV-128 S Jan 1, 2007 Cruelty (§ 300 (i)) - Spanish
JV-127 S Jan 1, 2007 Freed for Adoption (§ 300 (h)) - Spanish
JV-126 S Jan 1, 2007 No Provision for Support (§ 300 (g)) - Spanish
JV-125 S Jan 1, 2007 Caused Another Child's Death Through Abuse or Neglect (§ 300 (f)) - Spanish
JV-124 S Jan 1, 2007 Severe Physical Abuse (§ 300 (e)) - Spanish
JV-123 S Jan 1, 2007 Sexual Abuse (§ 300 (d)) - Spanish
JV-122 S Jan 1, 2007 Serious Emotional Damage (§ 300 (c)) - Spanish
JV-121 S Jul 1, 2016 Failure to Protect (§ 300 (b)) (Spanish)
JV-120 S Jan 1, 2007 Serious Physical Harm (§ 300 (a)) - Spanish
JV-110 S Jan 1, 2016 Juvenile Dependency Petition (Version Two) (Spanish)
JV-101(A) S Jul 1, 2016 Additional Children Attachment—Juvenile Dependency Petition (Spanish)
JV-100 S Jul 1, 2016 Juvenile Dependency Petition (Version One) (Spanish)
JV-060-INFO S Jan 1, 2019 Juvenile Justice Court—Information for Parents (Spanish)
JV-050-INFO S Jan 1, 2015 What happens if your child is taken from your home? (Spanish)
ICWA-030(A) S Jan 1, 2008 Attachment to Notice of Child Custody Proceeding for Indian Child (Indian Child Welfare Act) (Spanish)
ICWA-030 S Jan 1, 2008 Notice of Child Custody Proceeding for Indian Child (Spanish)
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