A Journal About the Courts

Week 3: Do I Have a Right?

Recently I played the iCivics game. It's a website that has a game about the courts. It's a really fun game, and teaches you a lot about the three branches. It has everything you need to know. My favorite game is called Do I Have a Right? You are the head of a law firm that works on cases having to do with constitutional rights. You get to hear people talk about life situations, and then decide if it has to do with their "rights" (constitutional rights). If it does, then you can try to win the case. If you win, you get points for buying more attorneys. And if you lose, you have to try again. But it's a really fun game. You should check it out and see for yourself.

Week 2: An Inside Look at a Courtroom

Gaia in front of SF City HallToday I went to the Superior Court to see an actual civil case and be there! But there were not many trials today. I did see the end of one about choosing a guardian for a teen. Then I also went to another court for homeless people, called the Community Justice Center. It was really interesting. I mean a judge can change lives each day. And there is so much conflict too. At the courts you have a judge, court clerk, evidence table, court reporter, witness stand, prosecution, defense, a bailiff, and you can either have a jury or not. It was cool to be able to get an inside look at a courtroom.

Week 1: Hi! My name is Gaia

Gaia and Justice Corrigan Hi! My name is Gaia. I'm currently a student at James Lick Middle School, and I'm in this special program called SPARK. SPARK is a job internship for young adults in middle school. It's in schools all over the U.S. and it's an interesting experience. For instance, I wanted to learn more about the courts, so I get to go to the State Building in San Francisco once a week and meet with Debbie Genzer, Senior Court Services Analyst in the Court Programs and Services Division.

During this journey, I go to the building and learn about everything that goes on in the rooms and about the history. I get an inside look, and even met a Supreme Court Justice of the California Supreme Court – Justice Carol Ann Corrigan!

A Spark At the Courts: A Student's Weekly Journal

Hello I'm Gaia and I'm 14 yrs old. I'm in 8th grade and currently going to James Lick Middle School. I enjoy laughing, smiling, having fun and caramel apple lollipops too. I love to learn new things and have had a great time learning about the court system.