Member applications now open for 2021!

AmeriCorps Full-Time and Minimum-Time positions are available. Application deadlines vary. Please see regional information for details.

2021 JusticeCorps service will ideally be onsite and in person. However, if COVID restrictions apply any time during the 2021 Program Year, members will assist litigants remotely, via phone, WebEx, Zoom, or other appropriate platforms. In this case service may occur onsite at the court, offsite, or may be a hybrid model.

JusticeCorps logoJusticeCorps is a unique national service program that has helped over one million Californians find access to justice since it began in 2004. Powered by a partnership among California courts, campuses, community legal assistance providers, and AmeriCorps, JusticeCorps recruits college students and recent graduates who volunteer to serve the millions of Californians coming to court each year without attorneys—self-represented litigants. These are people navigating a complex legal system on their own, struggling to resolve crucial legal matters affecting their family, housing, personal safety, and financial stability.

JusticeCorps members assist self-represented litigants by serving in court-based self-help centers in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego educating litigants on their legal options, mapping out next steps, and helping them tell their story. By providing neutral assistance—not legal advice—JusticeCorps members empower litigants to understand their options, to have their voices heard, and to confidently move forward with their legal matter.

Student Members

Minimum-Time (300-hr) academic-year members are enrolled college students who attend JusticeCorps partner campuses in the Los AngelesBay Area, and San Diego regions. Student members can come from any major or course of study and usually serve one shift per week at their service site. Los Angeles JusticeCorps also runs a summer program, where 300-hour members serve full-time over a 10-week period. Los Angeles Summer Members do not have to attend a partner campus. JusticeCorps does not offer a living allowance for 300-hour Student Members. See the Student Member Position Description.

Full-Time Members

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellows commit to serve 1,700 hours over one year, and receive a $27,000 Living Allowance and healthcare benefits. Fellows provide direct service to litigants and act as team leads and mentors for the Students Members with whom they serve. JusticeCorps Fellows must be college graduates. Any post-grad can apply—Fellows do not have to be affiliated with JusticeCorps partner campuses. Unlike Student Members, Fellows serve full-time 5 days a week. See the Graduate Fellow Position Description

Other Member Positions

JusticeCorps’ 2021 cohort includes one, 900-hr position, who focus on expanding and building JusticeCorps’ capacity to effectively recruit and retain members. This position receives a $14,000 living allowance, and healthcare benefits and may be either enrolled at a Los Angeles partner campus or be a college graduate. The Recruitment and Retention Fellow does not provide direct service to litigants and serves 3 days a week, 7.5 hours each day. See the Recruitment and Retention Fellow Position Description.

Bay Area Region

Bay Area JusticeCorps members serve in self-help centers in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties. Student members are recruited from local Bay Area Colleges and Universities.

Los Angeles Region

Los Angeles JusticeCorps members serve in self-help centers throughout the county, including Downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Compton, and Long Beach. Student members are recruited from local Los Angeles colleges and universities.

San Diego Region

San Diego JusticeCorps members serve in self-help centers in North and South county San Diego, including Downtown San Diego and Vista. Student members are recruited from local San Diego colleges and universities.

Other Member Benefits

JusticeCorps staff catches up with a program alum

  • As national AmeriCorps members, all JusticeCorps members who successfully complete their term of service are eligible for a federally funded Education Award—currently $6,195 for Full-Time members and $1,311.11 for Minimum-Time members. Learn more about the Segal Education Award.
  • Full-time members serving during 2020 are eligible for an additional “California For All Education Award” of $3,085. This benefit may also be available for 2021 members.
  • All JusticeCorps members are enrolled in "MAP" (the AmeriCorps Member Assistance Program), which offers wellness benefits including mental health support and life coaching.

Service Sponsors

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JusticeCorps is a program of the California Courts, administered by CaliforniaVolunteers and sponsored by AmeriCorps, a federal agency that improves lives, strengthens communities, and fosters civic engagement through service and volunteering.

JusticeCorps is proud to be one of nearly 300 national service programs operating in California. JusticeCorps serves more than 50% of California's residents, striving toward the Judicial Branch's goal of access to justice for all.

Statewide Program Staff

Judicial Council of California
455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California

Nicole Claro-Quinn - 415-865-4504