JusticeCorps is dedicated to increasing access within California’s legal system by offering support to the thousands of individuals representing themselves in civil cases each year. We train undergraduates and recent graduates to provide direct service and neutral assistance (not legal advice) to self-represented litigants in one of the many court-based self-help centers across the state. JusticeCorps members serve under the supervision of attorneys to offer essential support for those navigating the court system on their own, by providing one-on-one support and assisting with workshops. JusticeCorps members empower litigants to understand their options, to have their voices heard, and to confidently move forward with their legal matter.
Statewide JusticeCorps Graduate Fellow and Los Angeles, Bay Area, and San Diego Legal Access Intern Applications for 2024-2025 are NOW OPEN.

What You’ll Do in JusticeCorps

  • Work directly with litigants: All JusticeCorps members receive training in a variety of legal areas so they can offer essential support to those representing themselves by helping litigants complete legal forms, assisting with community legal education workshops, providing referrals, and listening to people’s stories.
  • Learn from attorneys: JusticeCorps members serve in courts around California and work under the guidance of self-help center attorneys to support the public. Attorneys provide supervision, mentorship, and feedback. At the end of every service shift, attorneys run a case review with JusticeCorps members to review the details of the day’s cases so they can go over the experience with the litigants served that day.
  • Develop Professional Skills: JusticeCorps offers a unique experience to learn about the law from within a courthouse. In addition to gaining deep legal training and customer service skills, workshops and experiences are curated so JusticeCorps members can grow their professional skills outside of the self-help centers. These include visits to law schools, resume workshops, self-care and financial literacy sessions, and others!
  • Promote access to justice: At the center of JusticeCorps is providing greater access to navigating California’s court and legal systems. By offering these direct services to members of the public, JusticeCorps helps thousands of people gain greater understanding of their cases and ability to navigate the legal system with more certainty.
  • Participate in National Service: JusticeCorps members are AmeriCorps members. JusticeCorps is a program of the California Courts, administered by CaliforniaVolunteers and sponsored by AmeriCorps, a federal agency that improves lives, strengthens communities, and fosters civic engagement through service and volunteering. As a JusticeCorps member you’ll join a cohort of 300 active members and 5,000+ alumni dedicated to increasing access to justice throughout California.

JusticeCorps Legal Access Interns (300-hr AmeriCorps Members)

Legal Access Interns are undergraduate students enrolled at JusticeCorps partner campuses Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and San Diego. Legal Access Interns come from a variety of majors and complete 300 hours of AmeriCorps service over one academic year. They usually serve one 7.5- or 8-hr service shift per week.

Los Angeles JusticeCorps also offers a summer program, during which Legal Access Interns serve full-time over a 10-week period. Summer Legal Access Inters are not required to attend a partner campus.


JusticeCorps Graduate Fellows (1,700-hr AmeriCorps Members)

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellows commit to a Full-Time AmeriCorps term—1,700 hours served over 12 months. and receive a number of benefits in exchange. Fellows provide direct service to litigants, take a leadership role, and are mentors to r the Legal Access Interns with whom they serve. JusticeCorps Fellows must be college graduates but do not have to be affiliated with a JusticeCorps partner campus. Fellows serve full-time, 5 days a week.

See the JusticeCorps Member Position Descriptions

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellow Benefits

JusticeCorps Graduate Fellows will receive the following benefits during their service term:

  • $33,000 Living Allowance (before taxes) spread evenly over 12 months
  • $10,000 combined Segal Education Award and California For All Education Award (upon completion of service)
  • SNAP (Food Stamps) – for those eligible
  • Health Insurance
  • AmeriCorps Member Assistance Program (MAP)—wellness benefits including mental health support and life coaching
  • Forbearance on existing qualifying student loans and payment of interest accrued during service 
  • Child care assistance to qualifying Fellows, paid to an eligible provider of your choice

Learn more about AmeriCorps service and benefits.

Bay Area

• Bay Area service sites are located in Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, and San Mateo counties.
• Campus Partners
  • University of California at Berkeley
  • San Francisco State University
  • California State University East Bay
  • San Jose State University
  • Stanford University
  • Cañada College
  • College of San Mateo
  • Skyline College
  • Santa Clara University

Los Angeles

• Los Angeles service sites are located throughout the county, including Downtown Los Angeles, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Compton, and Long Beach.
• Campus Partners
  • California State University at Dominguez Hills
  • California State University at Long Beach
  • California State University at Northridge
  • California State Polytechnic University Pomona
  • University of California at Los Angeles
  • University of Southern California

San Diego

• San Diego service sites are located in North and South county San Diego, including Downtown San Diego and Vista.
• Campus Partners
  • University of California at San Diego
  • San Diego State University
  • California State University, San Marcos


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Contact JusticeCorps

Los Angeles JusticeCorps: Jennifer Kalish, Program Director

Bay Area JusticeCorps: Dan Siskind, Program Director

San Diego JusticeCorps: Amoreena Urbeck

Statewide Program Administration: Nicole Claro-Quinn

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455 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, California