Welcome to the Toolkit! Find tools, resources, and multilingual materials to promote and improve language access at the courts.

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Language Access Toolkit - Public Outreach

Public Outreach

This page contains multilingual materials and resources that can assist Limited English Proficient (LEP) court users to determine if they need a court interpreter and how to request a court interpreter for court.

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Language Access Toolkit - Entrance and Security

Entrance & Security

There are many ways to welcome non-English speaking members of the public to your court, starting at the front door. This section contains sample signs in various languages and other tools for the entrance to your court.

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Language Access Toolkit - Clerk's Office/Points of Contact

Clerk's Office/Points of Contact

If you work in the Clerk's Office or another point of contact with non-English speaking litigants, you receive many kinds of inquiries on a daily basis.  This section contains resources in other languages about court proceedings, as well as information about how to request an interpreter and what other language access services may be available.

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Language Access Toolkit - Inside the Courtroom

Inside the Courtroom

Common courtroom language needs include the presence of an interpreter and help with typical court proceedings, such as continuances.  You can find these and other resources for the courtroom here.

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Language Access Toolkit - Self-Help Centers

Self-Help Centers

The Self-Help Center is often the first point of contact for a non-English speaking litigant.  Here you can find resources to help you communicate with non-English speakers about court processes, including translated forms, instruction sheets and informational videos.

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Language Access Toolkit - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Evaluate your court’s language access practices with a self-assessment tool and review successful programs and other resources to help you create a long-term strategic plan to ensure language access in your court.

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Language Access Toolkit - Justice Partners and Community Provides

Justice Partners and Community Providers

This page contains resources for court justice partners and private service providers in the community to support their efforts to extend language access as part of their services.

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The Process of Appointing Spoken Language Interpreters in Trial Court Proceedings