Equal Access

Materials for Providers of Legal Self-Help Service

Unbundling Legal Services

Unbundling Legal Services

    Checklists on Unbundling developed by M. Sue Talia

    Educating the Consumer

      Issues Presented by My Case
      Checklist for Limited Legal Services
      Questions to Ask Your Lawyer
      Questions to Ask a Paralegal
      Self Test

    The Changing Face of Legal Practice: "Unbundled" Legal Services (Informal National Survey of Ethical Opinions Related to "Discrete Task Lawyering") Los Angeles County Bar Association,

    Professional Responsibility and Ethics Committee:

      Ethics Opinion No 483 - "Limited Representation of In Pro Per Litigants"

      Ethics Opinion No 502 - "Lawyers' Duties When Preparing Pleadings or Negotiating Settlement for In Pro Per Litigant"

    Colorado Bar Association, Ethics Committee Opinion 101 "Unbundled Legal Services" (adopted January 17, 1998)