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The Judicial Council adopted the California Criminal Jury Instructions (CALCRIM) instructions on August 26, 2005 to be effective January 1, 2006. On the same date the Judicial Council withdrew its endorsement of CALJIC by repealing Judicial Administration Standard 5. Use of these instructions is subject to rule (2.1050(e).) of the California Rules of Court. 

Download the Approved Criminal Jury Instructions

User's Guide A guide on how to use the new Judicial Council Criminal Jury Instructions.

Rules of Court. Text of rules (2.1050 and 2.1055) (amended effective August 26, 2005), and 10.59 (adopted effective July 1, 2005) regarding the approval, use and format of the new Judicial Council criminal jury instructions.

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Advisory Committee on Criminal Jury Instructions

Regularly reviews case law and statutes affecting jury instructions and makes recommendations to the council for updating, amending, and adding topics to the council's criminal jury instructions. 


Key projects of the Criminal Jury Instructions Advisory Committee are outlined in the annual agenda