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Forms & Rules of Court

At its October 28, 2011 business meeting, the Judicial Council adopted two rules of court and a mandatory form to govern procedure for revoking postrelease community supervision, as required by recently enacted criminal justice realignment legislation. To review the full Judicial Council Report click here.

Rules of Court related to criminal justice realignment, 4.540 and 4.541
(see Chapter 2, pages 76-82)

Form CR-300 for Petition for Revocation of Community Supervision

Criminal Justice Realignment: Petitions for Revocation (PDF, 140 KB)
Item Number: SP13-06

Criminal Justice Realignment: Warrants for Supervised Persons (PDF, 72 KB)
Item Number: SP13-04

Criminal Justice Realignment: Minimum Contents of Parole Revocation Reports (PDF, 132 KB)
Item Number: W13-06

Criminal Justice Realignment: Procedure to Revoke Postrelease Community Supervision (PDF, 443 KB)
Item Number: SP12-07

Criminal Justice Realignment: Intercounty Transfer Procedures (PDF, 168 KB)
Item Number: SP12-08

Criminal Justice Realignment: Felony Waiver and Plea Form (PDF, 196 KB)
Item Number: SPR12-15

Criminal Justice Realignment: Abstract of Judgment Forms (PDF, 414 KB)
Item Number: W12-05

Criminal Justice Realignment: Postrelease Supervision Revocation Procedure (PDF, 72 KB)
Item Number: SP11-14

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