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California Courts Protective Order Registry (CCPOR)
CCPOR is a judicial branch project to create a statewide protective order repository that will provide more complete, accessible information on restraining and protective orders.



The California Courts Protective Order Registry (CCPOR) is:

  • A statewide registry for storing data and images of restraining and protective orders;
  • A system that provides statewide court access to images at other courts;
  • A system that allows judicial officers to view and reduce conflicting orders across departments; and
  • A gateway for entering orders into the Department of Justice's California Restraining and Protective Order System (CARPOS).



The goal is to implement CCPOR in all 58 courts across the state. CCPOR is currently deployed in 46 Superior courts and 13 Tribal courts.


The Judicial Council is committed to offering CCPOR statewide after reviewing a similar system being used in the Superior Court of Orange County. In addition, the Domestic Violence Practices and Procedures Task Force endorsed the service in a report to the Judicial Council in January 2007.

Tribal/State Collaboration

Also, through this dedicated online database state courts and tribal courts can view each other's protective orders.  The courts that have access are better able to protect the public, particularly victims of domestic violence, and avoid issuing redundant or conflicting orders.

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