Pathways to Judicial Diversity
A Judicial Council Initiative to Promote Diversity on the Bench

Present a Seminar: Model Seminar Programs

Judges can present two types of seminars for attorneys interested in becoming judges. An introductory seminar helps demystify the judicial appointment process, while the more advanced seminar encourages potential candidates to assess whether their professional background and temperament make them viable candidates for the bench.

These programs can be presented by individual courts, a group of courts, or trial and appellate courts together from the same appellate district:

Seminar #1: "Where Do Judges Come From?"

Who: Attorneys with a general interest in becoming a judge.
What: A broad overview of whether a judgeship is a viable and appropriate career path.

Sample Materials

Seminar #2: "Charting the Course to Judicial Appointment"

Who: Attorneys considering applying for appointment within 5 years.
What: A detailed look at the appointment process, including the application, role of local or specialty bar associations, and the Commission on Judicial Nominees Evaluation (JNE).

Sample Materials