Civil Appeals

READ FIRST: This Web page gives you only general information about appeals in limited and unlimited civil cases. It does NOT deal with criminal appeals, small claims appeals, or appeals of infractions or misdemeanors.

For appeals of unlimited civil cases visit the California Appellate Courts Self-Help Resource Center, where you can find a video and information to help you understand the California appeals process and get help to fill out forms and much more. There is more detailed information about appeals, rules, and requirements on the websites for the Courts of Appeal and the superior court appellate divisions. You will find links to those websites in this section.

For information about appeals in other types of cases, visit:

If you are considering appealing your civil case, read through this section to see what you will have to do. Appeals are very complicated so talk to a lawyer.

Start with this section that explains what an appeal is and what it is not.

Options to Appealing
Appealing your case is often not the best solution. Learn what options you have and how to decide what is best for you.

Steps to Appeal
There are many steps to an appeal, all of them difficult to do on your own. This section gives you a general overview of each of the steps, but keep in mind every case is different.

After the Appeal
Find out what to do if you lose your appeal.

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To Appeal or Not to Appeal
This video provides information about the appeals process and can help you decide whether or not an appeal is an appropriate choice for you. 
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