Child Abuse & Neglect

The juvenile court gets involved in the lives of children when:
  • there are concerns that a parent is not able to keep his or her child safe from abuse or neglect (and the court starts a juvenile dependency case), or

  • minors are accused of breaking the law. If that is your case, click to find out more about juvenile delinquency cases.

If you are a parent, child, grandparent or other relative looking for information on what it means to have a dependency case – you are in the right place. 

Important: Juvenile dependency cases are very serious. They can change your life and the child’s life. Talk to a lawyer for more help understanding your rights and the court process. Click for help finding a lawyer.

Click on the links below for more information:

Guide for Parents
Guide for Children 
Guide for Caregivers
Juvenile Court Guardianship
De Facto Parents

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Juvenile Dependency Court Orientation
This video about the court process is for parents whose children were taken from their care. 

California Self-Help and Family Law Facilitator Locations

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