National Technology Award Presented to Judicial Council and AOC


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Oct 28, 2011

National Technology Award Presented to Judicial Council/AOC for Statewide Register

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Chief Cantil-Sakauye posing with representatives and an awad from the National Association of State Chief Information Officers

San Francisco—The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) presented its 2011 Recognition Award to the Judicial Council of California and the Administrative Office of the Courts today for its development and deployment of the California Courts Protective Order Registry (CCPOR).

CCPOR provides judges and law enforcement officers with more complete and accessible information on restraining and protective orders. Prior statewide systems can only store form data about orders that were issued and judges typically cannot access those systems. The information gap creates a dangerous and confusing situation for victims and law enforcement officers in the field when conflicting protective orders are issued. CCPOR allows its users to view exact electronic images of restraining and protective orders issued from all of its participating counties, including the conditions and notes contained on those orders. This information presents judges with more complete histories for the parties involved and details of protective orders that have been issued.

The AOC developed CCPOR by adopting existing technology used to develop the statewide California Court Case Management System. CCPOR was deployed to 22 California counties in 2010 and 2011 and expanded by recently piloting limited access to three tribal agencies.

AOC Information Services Division Director Mark Dusman accepted the award presented by the California Technology Agency’s Anna Brannen at the Judicial Council’s meeting in San Francisco. The award recognizes the AOC in the category “Data Information and Knowledge Management category.” You are the only court in the United States that received an award this year,” Brannen said. “It was your vision and leadership that improved safety for victims of crime as well as California's peace officers in the field and we in the executive branch want to thank you.”

Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye commented, “I can't think of a better real example of what a statewide system provides in terms of our ability to work with our justice system partners and be able to provide information to law enforcement in their cars to judges in other counties and to other agencies that need information that is important. This is a lifesaver.

Earlier this year, the CCPOR project was awarded a Center for Digital Government 2011 Best of California award in the category of Best Application Serving an Agency’s Business Needs. Details about CCPOR are available in this executive summary.