Annual Renewal and Compliance Period

In accordance with California Government Code § 68562, all spoken language interpreters must meet annual renewal requirements in order to maintain their credentialing status as a California certified court or registered interpreter. 

All California certified court and registered interpreters receive their annual renewal documents by the third week of September via e-mail, unless otherwise notified.

Interpreters are responsible for making sure their contact information is up to date. An interpreter who does not provide a current mailing address and/or e-mail address is not exempted from fulfilling their compliance requirements. Please mail the CIP Contact Update Form  or e-mail our office at to submit changes to contact information.

Interpreters can refer to their badge for the year in which the form attesting to completion of continuing education and professional assignments is due.

For complete information on the updated compliance requirements for court interpreters, please refer to the Compliance Requirements for Certified Court and Registered Interpreters.

The Judicial Council’s Court Interpreters Program reserves the right to audit and request documentation verifying completion of compliance requirements. Please retain all documentation for five years.

Effective January 1, 2020, updates were made to the Compliance Requirements for Certified Court and Registered Interpreters. A summary of the key changes may be found here.    

                                                  The following chart provides a summary of key deadlines:

Description: Required: Due and Notes:

Annual Fee (active interpreter)
Annual Fee (inactive interpreter)

Due between September 15 and last business day in December.
Every two years.
  • 30 CIP-approved CIMCE courses
  • 40 professional assignments
Due between September 15 and the last business day in December.

Interpreters are no longer required to turn in continuing education and professional assignment documentation. They will sign the form provided and attest under penalty of perjury to completion of all compliance requirements. CIP reserves the right to audit. Interpreters must maintain records verifying compliance for five years.
  • Late Fee of $50 assessed for nonpayment of annual renewal fee and/or
  • Failure provide documentation verifying completion of:
    • 30 hours of continuing education and/or
    • 40 professional assignments


Payment received but documentation incomplete

Due January 1st thru last working day in February.

Due every two years. Failure to provide proof of completion results in
assessment of late fee.

Suspension period during which a reinstatement fee assessed

May affect ability to interpret in the California courts.


Due from Mar. 1 and thru last working day in June.

Interpreting credential subject to revocation if all requirements not met by last business day in June. State qualifying interpreting exams currently in place must be taken, passed and all enrollment procedures must be met to requalify.

Other: All updates to interpreter profile, including change of name, address, email, phone, or work location

Failure to update profiles could result in not receiving important communications.

Interpreters are responsible for informing CIP of any changes to their profile information as instructed by CIP or by submitting requests to

All interpreters on the Master List receive instructions on how to submit payment and/or documentation verifying completion of compliance requirements in September, unless otherwise notified by CIP.