Family Law Court

Pay close attention to the words highlighted in red in this section. These words will help you solve the crossword puzzle at the end of the section.

When parents decide they canít live together anymore, they may decide to separate and live in different homes. If they have been married and donít want to live together or be married anymore, they can get either a legal separation or a divorce. Divorce is also called dissolution. To get a divorce, married people have to go to court. In court, a mediator will help the parents plan for how they will take care of their children, and a judge will decide how they will split up all the things they shared while living together.

Most of the time, children donít have to go to court even if their parents have a case there, but sometimes they do. If you have to go to court, remember that it isnít because you have done something wrong. Courts are different than other places you may have been, but you donít have to be afraid. Most court people are nice to children. Lots of children have parents who go to family court. If you are wondering about this or are a little scared, it helps to tell someone your feelings about going to court.

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