Collections and Distribution
Collections and Distribution
Welcome to the Collections and Distribution unit web site.

Collections and Distribution Unit

This site is designed to provide guidelines and standards, reference documents, tools and resources to assist in the development of enhanced court collections programs.

Unit Overview

The Judicial Council's Collections and Distributions Unit is a dedicated entity that provides technical support and training to the 58 courts and counties across California. Our primary role is to assist in the collection of court-ordered fines, fees, and penalties.

In addition to this, we offer support and training on the distribution of these revenues. This dual approach has established us as a central source of expertise on collections and revenue distribution, benefiting trial courts and counties statewide.

Please note that while the Collections Department does not have direct access to case information, we do provide assistance to the courts with collection-oriented information. For more detailed information, we encourage you to find your specific court using the search feature available at the following link: Find My Court.

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