Domestic Violence

California’s court system handles thousands of cases each year involving domestic violence (sometimes referred to as "family" or "intimate partner" violence). Some of those cases are handled in the criminal court system, while others proceed through the family or juvenile court system. Information on domestic violence for those case types can be found below. Resources for victims and litigants are available on the California Courts Self-Help Center which includes court forms, instructions, and information about restraining orders and other court processes.

Learn more about domestic violence in family law cases. If your case involves children, learn more about custody and visitation.

Some families experiencing domestic violence will become involved with the juvenile court. If the county child protective services (CPS) agency investigates allegations and a court determines that a child is at risk of harm in the home, the court may make the child a dependent of the court. Learn more about juvenile dependency court. If a child breaks the law or is beyond parental control, the county probation office may investigate and the child may be involved with juvenile delinquency court. Learn more about juvenile delinquency court.

The Center for Families, Children & the Courts (CFCC) provides programs and education to address cases involving domestic violence in California in a variety of ways, including providing specialized resources for the courts; developing rules, forms, and legislation; offering education to judicial officers and court professionals; and disseminating research and publications.

CFCC organizes training and educational programs which focus on how courts and court-connected professionals address domestic and family violence. View materials from some past conferences and trainings. Specific efforts include providing regular trainings for mediators, child custody recommending counselors, evaluators, investigators, court clerks, and judicial officers several times throughout the year. These trainings offer valuable information on domestic violence and promote best practices throughout the state. Technical assistance is provided to courts that are developing procedures for handling domestic violence cases.

Family and juvenile dependency mediators and child custody evaluators must handle cases involving domestic violence according to state laws and rules of court and must have local protocols consistent with statutory requirement and statewide rules. Learn more.

Violence Against Women Education Project (VAWEP)

The VAWEP provides the courts with information, educational materials, and training on the court’s role in responding to these cases. VAWEP is funded by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services with resources from the federal Office on Violence Against Women to support the superior courts in creating a more effective response to cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, teen dating violence and human trafficking.

Violence Against Women Education Project Fact Sheet

Resources and Judicial Tools on Family Violence in Tribal Communities

Domestic Violence Family Law Interpreter Project

The Judicial Council of California provides funding to support the use of interpreters in proceedings where domestic violence or elder abuse protective orders have been issued or are being sought and in cases filed under the Family Code, generally where one party does not sufficiently understand English.

Domestic Violence Safety Partnership

The Domestic Violence Safety Partnership (DVSP) was developed to enhance safety and improve practices and protocols in the handling of domestic violence cases. A court that participates in the DVSP uses the Domestic Violence Safety Partnership Self-Assessment—a tool furnished by the Judicial Council—to examine its own practices and needs in the handling of domestic violence cases, especially in relation to legal mandates. The court may then seek technical assistance from the Judicial Council.

The Judicial Council of California is responsible for developing statewide rules of court, court forms, and legislation relevant to court administration. Each of these areas may involve domestic violence issues. To review current and recent proposals, please click on the relevant link below:
Recent Proposals

To review rules of court, court forms, and court-related legislation, please click on the relevant link below.  If you are interested in domestic violence specifically, please search within these sections for "domestic violence."
Statewide Rules of Court
Court-Related Legislation