Small Court Dependency Workload Working Group

The Small Court Dependency Workload (SCDW) Working Group was formed to consider changes to the court-appointed–counsel funding methodology as it relates to small courts and to garner input from specific stakeholders about the allocation methodology as it pertains to courts with smaller caseloads to ensure that costs particular to the smaller courts are reflected in the court-appointed–counsel funding allocation methodology workload model.

The working group will report to the Executive and Planning Committee and will present recommendations to the Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee (TCBAC) for input. Those recommendation(s) will be presented to the Judicial Council in May 2017 by the chairs of both the SCDW Working Group and the TCBAC, after which the SCDW Working Group will have fulfilled its purpose and dissolve.

Date Established: October 2016
Date Sunset: May 19, 2017