Live and Recorded Training for Mediators - Mediating With Self-Represented Litigants OGC-ADR-03-NN

Cancellation Notice

The Administrative Office of the Courts seeks the services of a qualified consultant to design and product a one-hour eLearning course, suitable for statewide use.  The topic of the course is on ethical issues and rules of conduct for mediators in court-connected mediation programs.

All questions must be submitted via e-mail to:  The deadline for questions and answers is April 27, 2012.

Proposals must be received by 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time – PST) on Friday, May 4, 2012.

Hard copy proposals must be delivered to:

Judicial Council of California
Administrative Office of the Courts
Finance Division –Business Services Unit
Attn: Nadine McFadden, RFP No. OGC-ADR-03-NN
455 Golden Gate Avenue, 7th Floor
San Francisco, Ca.  94102-3588

Further information concerning this RFP is set forth in RFP No. OGC-ADR-03-NN and attachments incorporated therein.

Request for Proposal

Table of Contents

Attachment 1: Administrative Rules Governing RFPs

Attachment 2: AOC Terms and Conditions

Appendix A: SB78 Appendix A for Non-IT Services

Appendix B: Acceptance of Work and Sign-off Form

Attachment 3: Proposer’s Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Attachment 4: Payee Data Form

Attachment 5: Darfur Contracting Act Certification

Attachment 6: Conflict of Interest Certification Form

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