January 23, 2014 Meeting

Open to the Public (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 10.6(a))
Administrative Office of the Courts
Sacramento Office
2860 Gateway Oaks Drive, Suite 400
Sacramento, California 95833


All times are estimates
Public comment, on general issues of judicial administration or on specific agenda items, is accepted for Judicial Council business meetings. To present your views to the council, please refer to the business meeting PDF agenda for specific instructions.

Meeting materials will be hyperlinked to agenda titles as soon as possible after approval by the Executive and Planning Committee. Time is estimated. Actual start and end times may vary.

Thursday, January 23, 2014 8:30 a.m.–2:55 p.m.

Open Meeting (rule 10.6(A)) Business Meeting

8:30–8:35 a.m. Approval of Minutes
Approve minutes of the December 12–13, 2013, Judicial Council meeting.

8:35–8:45 a.m. Chief Justice's Report

8:45–8:55 a.m. Administrative Director’s Report

8:55–9:55 a.m. Public Comment

  • Written Comments Received

Consent Agenda Items A-C

Item A
Judicial Branch Report to the Legislature: State Trial Court Improvement and Modernization Fund Expenditures for Fiscal Year 2012–2013 (Action Required)

Item B
Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Trial Court Revenue, Expenditure, and Fund Balance Constraints for Fiscal Year 2012–2013 (Action Required)

Item C
Judicial Council Report to the Legislature: Fee Revenue and Expenditures for Court Reporter Services in Superior Court Civil Proceedings for Fiscal Year 2012–2013 (Action Required)

Break 9:55–10:10 a.m.

Discussion Agenda (Items D-J)

10:10–10:50 a.m. Item D
Court Interpreters: Expenditure of Unused Savings from Program 45.45 (Action Required)

10:50–11:15 a.m. Item E
Judicial Council-Sponsored Legislation: Providing Interpreters in Civil Matters (Action Required)

11:15–11:35 a.m. Item F
Domestic Violence—Family Law Interpreter Program Allocations (Action Required)

11:35–11:50 a.m. Item G
Court Facilities: Update on Bidding and Construction of San Diego Central Courthouse (No Action Required.)

11:50 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Item H
Governor's Proposed Budget for 2014–2015 (No Action Required. There are no materials for this item.)

Lunch 12:30–1:30 p.m.

1:30–2:30 p.m. Item I
Judicial Branch Technology: Technology Planning Task Force Update (Action Required)

2:30–2:55 p.m. Item J
Judicial Branch Technology: Budget Change Proposal Update (No Action Required.)

Information Only Items (No Action Required)

Info 1
Court Facilities: Trial Court Facility Modification Advisory Committee Fiscal Year 2012–2013 Annual Report

Info 2
Court Facilities: Trial Court Facility Modification Quarterly Activity Report, Quarter 1 of Fiscal Year 2013–2014

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