What's Happening in Court Graphic Headline
An Activity Book for Children Who Are Going to Court in California

Here are fun activities and useful information to help children and their families who may be in court for any reason -- whether they are visitors, witnesses, or involved in a case.

Each activity in this site is marked with a bear paw symbol. For each activity, you will be given a lettered clue that will help you receive a "What's Happening in Court?" diploma.

In some activities you print a page and color or draw something. For these activities, look for the "Click here for your clue" link. For the other activities, when you click "Done!" you get the clue. There are 12 clues in all. As you receive each clue, write it in order on a piece of paper so you can get your diploma! Click here for more details.

All of the pictures of this book can be printed so that you can color them. Just click on any picture and print.