Chemehuevi Indian Tribal Court

Chemehuevi is a federally recognized tribe with approximately 700 enrolled members, roughly 300 of whom live on the reservation.  The Tribe’s reservation consists of approximately 30,653 acres located on the shores of Lake Havasu in southeastern California in San Bernardino County on the Arizona border.

The Chief Judge of the Tribal Court is Judge Mark Radoff.

The Chemehuevi Indian Tribal Court was first established as a “magistrate court” in the mid-1980s to hear cases stemming from violations of the Chemehuevi Indian Tribe’s Conservation Code, which governs the preservation and conservation of the Tribe’s/Chemehuevi Indian Reservation’s natural resources. In 1996, the tribe enacted an ordinance establishing the Chemehuevi Indian Tribal Court, a court of limited jurisdiction; however, the court did not become active until the latter part of 1996.  The court exercises jurisdiction over specific subject matter areas determined by the tribal council.  Currently the court hears cases involving name changes, birth certificate changes, dissolution of marriages, unlawful detainer, contract disputes, trespass, animal control, torts, domestic violence, guardianships, and juvenile matters including Indian Child Welfare Act cases.
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1930
Havasu Lake, California 92363

1990 Palo Verde Drive
Havasu Lake, California 92363

760-858-4219, ext. 30
760-858-5120 (fax)

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