Budget & Finance

The judicial branch is committed to transparency and accountability in its stewardship of public funds. This section contains financial reports and information for the California court system. You can also learn here how the court system is funded and about the impacts of the continuing budget crisis in the California courts.

Of Current Interest

Council to Consider Additional $48 Million for Neediest Trial Courts

What is in the Judicial Branch Budget?

Chief Justice Releases Statement on Judicial Branch Budget for Fiscal Year 2018-19

State of the Judiciary

Cy Pres Distribution

Council Approves Changes to Trial Court Funding

Trial Court Funding Formula, Explained

Judicial Branch Budget Impact Snapshots by County
Designed to inform the public, stakeholders and decision makers about the court-specific impacts of budget reductions on the public and legal practitioners. These easy-to-read documents were developed from information supplied by each court.

Did You Know?

The judicial branch budget is only 1.4% of the State General Fund budget.
2018-19 California State Budget pie chart illustrating the 1.4% used for the Judicial Branch

Learn more in the  Budget Fact Check.