Declare Military Status

Did you know that your military status may entitle you to certain rights and protections?

The MIL-100 is an optional form to let the court know about your military status. This way, the judge may consider possible benefits and protections for your case. It’s also important to notify your attorney so they can better represent you.

Eligible case types may include:

  • Criminal
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Family/Child Custody
  • Consumer
  • Other

You, your attorney, family member, friend, or advocate can fill out this form at any time if you:

  • Are a current or former military member
  • Are in the reserves or national guard
  • Have no combat service
  • Do not have an honorable discharge

PC 1170.9 Disclaimer:
This form will not take the place of other forms or petitions that your court case requires you to file. If you are requesting consideration or restorative relief under Penal Code section 1170.9, this form alone will not meet the requirement that you assert to the court that the crime you were charged with was a result of a condition caused by your military service.

How to Fill Out the MIL-100 Form

1 Gather and Prepare

You will need to know the following info to complete the form:

  • Your current military status (active, not active)
  • Your entry date (and discharge date, if you have completed military service)
  • Your contact information

2 Complete the Form

Fill the Notification of Military Status Form (MIL-100) on your computer, then print it out and bring it with you to court. You can also print the form and fill it out with a pen.

Get MIL-100 Form

3 Call attention to your military service

Give the completed form to the clerk, the judge, or your attorney. Make sure everyone you encounter in the legal process is aware of your status. Remember that you can do this at any point during your case.

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