Monterey County, New South County Courthouse

New South Monterey County Courthouse

Superior Court of California, County of Monterey

Funded by Senate Bill 1407
Initial Funding Year: FY 2009-2010

The current King City Courthouse, shared with Monterey County

Current Status
Because of significant, ongoing cuts to the judicial branch budget, this project is indefinitely delayed, based on the Judicial Council's October 26, 2012 decision.

Vital Statistics
Courtrooms: 3
Square footage: 47,223
Current authorized project budget: $49,061,000 
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In anticipation of additional cost-cutting measures, all facts are subject to change.
The Superior Court of California, County of Monterey serves the southern region of Monterey County through the King City Courthouse. This small, single-story building, constructed in 1968, has one jury-capable courtroom and one hearing room, and is shared with several county agencies. Due to space and budget restrictions, problems with ADA accessibility, and security constraints, matters heard in this courthouse have been limited to only criminal and traffic cases. This facility has significant security problems, numerous accessibility deficiencies, is overcrowded, has many physical problems, and prevents the superior court from providing safe and efficient court proceedings and services.

The proposed new courthouse for South Monterey County will replace the unsafe and physically deficient King City Courthouse. It will provide the southern region of Monterey County with a modern, secure, full-service facility of three courtrooms and approximately 47,200 square feet. The increase from two to three courtrooms will provide expanded court services through increased judicial-proceedings capacity, returning needed civil and small claims case processing to the south region of Monterey County. Overcrowding at the courthouse in Monterey and at the Salinas Courthouse Complex will be reduced, as south-county matters would then be appropriately heard in this new south-county facility.

By siting this new courthouse in the county's largest growing population area, it will serve current and future needs, with the capacity for a future addition to accommodate a future judgeship. This new courthouse will also allow for basic court services such as a self-help center, a jury assembly room, a children's waiting room, adequately sized in-custody holding, an alternative dispute resolution center, and attorney interview/witness waiting rooms that could not previously be provided due to space restrictions and will greatly assist the court in balancing services offered in the Salinas, Monterey, and Marina court division locations.

In March 2010, the court and the AOC announced that the city of Greenfield had been selected as the preferred site for the new courthouse. The proposed site, being donated by the City of Greenfield, is nearly 4 acres and is located on El Camino Real at Cherry Avenue. The site was approved by the State Public Works Board in May 2011.

Courthouse Reassessment

April 2012: Due to the current fiscal crisis, the project is being reassessed to determine the number of courtrooms needed. Once that is confirmed, the option to renovate the current courthouse and lower-cost construction methods will be evaluated. As we learn more, this project web page will be updated.

California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

The AOC has complied with CEQA by filing a categorical exemption for this project's preferred site on April 12, 2010.

Fact Sheet
Feasibility Report

Architecture/Engineering Firm

Mark Cavagnero Associates

Construction Manager at Risk

Kitchell Contractors, Inc.

Subcontractor Bidding

Schedule TBD

News Releases
Greenfield Selected as Preferred Site (3/19/2010)
Architect Selected (10/15/09)

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