Model Juror Summons Project

California courts send out millions of juror summons a year. Beginning in 1999, the Task Force on Jury System Improvements surveyed the courts and developed  a standardized summons that would help the public understand the need for jury service, respond to the summons properly, and perform jury service. A companion introductory brochure called “Court and Community” was also created.  

Assembly Bill 1814, enacted in 2000, mandated adoption by the judicial branch of a "standardized jury summons for use, with appropriate modifications, around the state, that is understandable and has consumer appeal." In 2000, the Judicial Council adopted the model summons for voluntary use by the courts.

Thumbnail of Model Juror Summons Page 1 Thumbnail of Model Juror Summons Page 2
(Picture of original standardized juror summons.)

The model summons:

  • Has a simple and open layout
  • Improves the appearance and readability of the summons
  • Lowers the costs of a two-step process through use of a one-step summons
  • Has consumer appeal; and
  • Improves juror comprehension of the summons and knowledge about jury service

Since December 2010, at least 16 courts use the model summons and distribute the Court and Community brochure (PDF).

View California's standardized summons (PDF, 124 KB). Revised 2019.