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Committed to Justice: The Rise of Judicial Administration in California
The first history of judicial administration in California documents the most significant milestones in the construction of the largest court system in the nation. By Larry L. Sipes, inaugural scholar-in-residence of the Administrative Office of the Courts.

Exploring the Work of the California Trial Courts: A 20-Year Retrospective
This report identifies and documents major factors that have contributed to caseload and workload fluctuations experienced by the state's trial courts in fiscal years 1980-1981 and 1999-2000.

Recommendations for Improving Public Trust and Confidence, Analysis of Trial Court and AOC Strategic Projects
produced for the Judicial Council of California by Brenda J. Wagenknecht-Ivey, Ph.D., PRAXIS Consulting, Inc., Denver, Colorado*

Reporting Guidelines

Results From the 2003 Survey of Administrative Models
Survey conducted in April-May 2003 by the Center for Court Research, Innovation, and Planning at the Administrative Office of the Courts of California to determine how different states administered their judicial branch.

Salk Institute For Biological Studies Convocation Lecture By Justice Ming W. Chin
Justice Ming Chin delivered this speech titled: Judicial Aspects of Bioscience at the California Science and the Law Conference on October 6, 2005

Greacen Associates, LLC, Developing Effective Practices in Criminal Caseflow Management  (Rev. Ed. 2012), a manual prepared for the California Judicial Council.
This manual is designed to serve as a concise overview of the mountains of material written on the topic of efficient criminal case management. It is intended specifically for California judges and administrators to assist in assessing current case management processes and designing improvements.

Greacen Associates, LLC, Developing Effective Practices in Criminal Caseflow Management: Standard Criminal Caseflow Management Reports  (7th Draft, 2007), a manual prepared for the California Judicial Council.
The report gives, on a single form, information concerning the current workload of the criminal division of the court and how current the criminal division is with its work overall.

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