Court of Appeal, Third District, Stanley Mosk Building Renovation

Third Appellate District Sacramento - Renovation of Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building


Funded by State General Fund
Initial Funding Year: FY 2005-2006

Stanley Mosk Building

Current Status
This project was managed by the California Department of General Services and completed in April 2013.

Vita Statistics
Occupancy date: April 8, 2013
Courtrooms: 1
Square footage: 200,000
Authorized total project cost: $66,234,000 
More information
This renovation upgraded security accessibility and fire and life safety systems; corrected mechanical, electrical, and plumbing deficiencies; repaired roof and shell damage; abated hazardous materials; and restored historic features such as ceilings, lights, elevators, and public art. This project was managed by the California Department of General Services.

During the renovation project, the court was temporarily located in leased space at 621 Capitol Mall. The procurement design and build-out of this temporary space project was managed by the AOC.

The court reoccupied the Stanley Mosk Library and Courts Building at 914 Capitol Mall in April 2013, gaining additional space in exchange for space the court previously occupied prior to the renovation. The newly renovated facility and the consolidation of all court staff into one building will improve operations and adequately meet the needs of this court.

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