Current Justices of the 5th District Court of Appeals
Current Justices:
Seated, Left to Right – Associate Justice Herbert I. Levy, Administrative Presiding Justice Brad R. Hill,  Associate Justice Gene M. Gomes
Standing, Left to Right – Associate Justice M. Bruce Smith, Associate Justice Donald R. Franson, Jr., Associate Justice Charles S. Poochigian, Associate Justice Stephen J. Kane, Ret., Associate Justice Jennifer R.S. Detjen, Associate Justice Rosendo Peña, Jr. and Associate Justice Kathleen A Meehan.

Administrative Presiding Justice

Brad R. Hill

Associate Justices

Herbert I. Levy
Gene M. Gomes
Charles S. Poochigian
Jennifer R.S. Detjen
Donald R. Franson, Jr.
Rosendo Peña, Jr.
M. Bruce Smith
Kathleen A. Meehan
Associate Justice Vacancy

Assigned Judges

Judge Wayne R. Ellison (Retired) of the Superior Court of Fresno County, having been assigned by the Chief Justice pursuant to article VI, section 6 of the California Constitution will be sitting pro tempore through May 31, 2018

Former Justices

The Fifth Appellate District will be publishing a complete list of former justices in the upcoming year.

Profile picture of former Justice James Ardaiz
James A. Ardaiz

Presiding Justice,
Aug. 1994 - Dec. 2010

Associate Justice,
Jan. 1988 - Aug. 1994

Profile picture of Justice Dennis A. Cornell
Dennis A. Cornell

Associate Justice,
Dec. 2000 - June 2015

Profile picture of former Justice Betty L. Dawson
Betty L. Dawson

Associate Justice,
Sept. 2003 - May 2012

Profile picture of former Justice Thomas A. Harris
Thomas A. Harris

Associate Justice,
Aug. 1990 - Nov. 2008

Profile picture of Justice Stephen Kane
Stephen J. Kane

Associate Justice,
June 2006 - June 2017

Profile picture of Justice Steven M. Vartabedian
Steven M. Vartabedian

Associate Justice,
Oct. 1989 - May 2010

Profile picture of former Justice Rebecca A. Wiseman
Rebecca A. Wiseman

Associate Justice,
Nov. 1995 - Oct. 2013

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