Goal VI - Branchwide Infrastructure for Service Excellence

The judicial branch will enhance the quality of justice by providing an administrative, technological, and physical infrastructure that supports and meets the needs of the public, the branch, and its justice system and community partners, and that ensures business continuity.


    For the judicial branch to fulfill its mission and purpose, it must have a sound infrastructure that supports and meets its needs and ensures business continuity. Specifically, the judicial branch must meet the challenge of providing the necessary technological, human resources, fiscal, and facilities infrastructure, as well as other relevant and critical internal functions, to provide the highest quality of justice and service to the people of California.

    Infrastructure improvements needed to better serve the public include (1) acquisition, construction, renovation, and maintenance of adequate facilities; (2) greater technological access and integration; (3) coordinated and effective case management systems; (4) systems for measuring court performance and accounting for the use of resources; (5) systems for sharing appropriate information throughout the branch and with other partners; (6) human resource systems to facilitate recruiting and retaining high-quality staff; and (7) staffing to provide legal assistance to the courts.

    For policy details, please see the complete Judicial Branch Strategic Plan.
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