Sample Questions to Ask a Debtor

Be sure to think about the answers to these questions. They may help you think of other questions to ask.

  1. What's your home address?
  2. What's your home telephone number?
  3. Are you married or do you have registered domestic partnership? If so, what's the first name, maiden name, and last name of your spouse or domestic partner?
  4. Do you live in a rented apartment? A single family home? A condo? A mobile home? What's the address?
  5. If you live in a single family home, condo, or mobile home, do you own it?
  6. If you live in a rented apartment, who pays the rent? To whom is it paid?
  7. Is it paid by check? Is your rent/mortgage up to date?
  8. Do you have any boarders or subtenants? If so, what are their names and how much do they pay you each month?
  9. Do you have a vacation home, recreational vehicle, or boat?
  10. What's your occupation?
  11. What's your social security number? (Note: this is a question that legally does not need to be answered)
  12. Are you presently employed? If so, by whom?
  13. At what address? Where is the payroll office located?
  14. What's your work telephone number?
  15. What's the name of your supervisor?
  16. What's your gross salary? What's your net salary? What payroll deductions are made?
  17. Do you receive commissions? When are you paid?
  18. How much is owed to you now?
  19. Do you have any part-time employment? If so, please explain.
  20. Is your spouse or domestic partner employed or in business? If so, what's his or her salary? What is the address of his or her workplace?
  21. Do you own any stock or any interest in the business where you work? If so, please explain.
  22. Do you or your spouse or domestic partner have any bank checking or savings accounts? If so, what's the name of the bank branch, and what are the account numbers and present balances?
  23. Do you, your spouse, or domestic partner have a driver's license? For what state? What are the driver's license numbers?
  24. How did you get here today?
  25. What's the year and make of your car? Do you own it? Is it financed? By whom? How is owed?
  26. Do you have any credit cards? Can you get a cash advance on any of those cards?
  27. What type of retirement accounts do you have? Are you able to borrow against your retirement account?
  28. Do you have life insurance? Is it a whole life policy?
  29. Do you have any property, personal effects, cash, or other assets that you've not yet mentioned? If so, please explain.
  30. Do you understand that as long as the judgment remains unpaid, it accrues interest at the rate of 10% per year? Do you also understand that as long as the judgment remains unpaid, it is probably damaging to your credit rating? Do you understand that if the judgment remains unpaid, I have the right to examine you again in 120 days?