Governmental Affairs

On behalf of the judicial branch, the Judicial Council's Governmental Affairs represents and advocates for the Judicial Council on legislative, policy, and budget matters. The office also works extensively on the judicial branch budget and related matters, meeting with legislators, committees, committee and leadership staff, as well as staff for the Governor and the state Department of Finance.

Of Current Interest

Judicial Branch Budget Impact Snapshots by County
Designed to inform the public, stakeholders and decision makers about the court-specific impacts of budget reductions on the public and legal practitioners. These easy-to-read documents were developed from information supplied by each court.

Court-Related Legislation

Search for active court-related legislation, view published letters and positions the Judicial Council has taken on legislation, or consult annual summaries of new laws that affect the court or are of general interest to the court community.

Liaison & Outreach Activities

Learn about governmental affairs liaison and outreach programs:

Calendar Items

January 1, 2019
Statutes take effect

January 7, 2019
Legislature reconvenes

January 10, 2019
Governor submits budget

February 22, 2019
Bill introduction deadline

April 11, 2019
Spring recess begins

April 22, 2019
Legislature reconvenes

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