Public Benefits

Find help and resources with issues related to public benefits such as welfare, Medi-Cal and Medicare, Food Stamps, social services and more.

Directory of California Department of Social Services websites
Directory prepared by the California Department of Social Services with links to websites for the different public benefits programs in our state.

Immigrants and Public Benefits
Information for immigrants about eligibility for federal public benefits. Prepared by the National Immigration Law Center. Public Benefits
This website includes information on child care and foster care, welfare, social security, Medi-Cal and Medicare, Food Stamps, homelessness, unemployment insurance, nursing homes, mental health, control over health care decisions, and prescription drug benefits. (Select your county or enter your zip code for information specific to the area that you live in.)

Your Guide to Public Benefits in California
A guide for older americans to help you find, understand and apply for programs in your state. Prepared by the AARP Foundation.