Legal Help

Below are several resources to help you find the right lawyer for you, and understand your rights when hiring a lawyer. Also, use the links below to search for an attorney in California.

Find an Attorney - Tips 
A list of suggestions to help you find a lawyer. Created by the State Bar of California.

How Can I Find and Hire the Right Lawyer? 
A State Bar of California pamphlet.

State Bar of California Member Search
This site provides information about attorneys, including public records of discipline. You can use the member search to see if someone is an attorney in California.

What Can I Do If I Have a Problem With My Lawyer?
A State Bar of California pamphlet.

California Rules of Professional Conduct 
This site lists the rules governing the conduct of attorneys. Posted by the State Bar of California.

Can the Client Security Fund Help You? 
A State Bar of California pamphlet.

State Bar of California Attorney Discipline System 
This site has an overview of the State Bar of California's attorney discipline system. This system investigates complaints against attorneys and prosecutes attorneys if the complaints seem justified. The discipline system also helps consumers with common attorney-client problems that do not rise to the level of grounds for filing a complaint.

State Bar of California Mandatory Fee Arbitration 
The State Bar of California administers a mandatory fee arbitration program to resolve fee disputes between lawyers and their clients. The program is an informal, lower-cost forum and is mandatory for a lawyer if a client requests it. Mediation of the dispute may also be available in some areas in California.