Disabilities and Access

Below are many resources for people with disabilities to understand their rights and get legal help. You will find written information, videos, and the ability to search for legal help available in your area.

American With Disabilities Act: ADA Home Page
This site was created by the U.S. Department of Justice.

California Courts: ADA Coordinators
Each California court has an Americans With Disabilities Act coordinator to help persons with disabilities. You can ask a court clerk to speak with your court's ADA coordinator.

For Persons With Disabilities Requesting Accommodations
A list of questions and answers about disability issues and access to the justice system. 

The Americans With Disabilities Act: Civil Rights for People with Disabilities
This site has information for non-lawyers. Created by the Council for Disability Rights.

LawHelpCa.org: Disability
This website includes information on education rights, assistive technology, mental health issues, and rights of the disabled.

Videos on the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Process
A series of 5 short videos, put together by Inland Counties Legal Services, provide useful information on SSI and the SSI process. Although the videos specifically refer to Inland Counties Legal Services, the information on the process is general. Go to LawHelpCa.org: Disability to find a legal aid program like Inland Counties Legal Services in your area.

Disability Access Services
This site was created by the California Department of Rehabilitation. 

Judicial Council Programs: Access and Fairness Advisory Committee
This page gives background information on the California Judicial Council's programs to ensure access and fairness in the state court system.

Information for People With Disabilities
The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development created this site for people with disabilities.

Disability Rights California (DRC)
DRC helps people with physical, developmental, or psychiatric disabilities. DRC offers referrals to other resources, advocacy training, and representation in administrative and judicial proceedings, investigation of abuse and neglect, and legislative advocacy.

Publications on the Americans With Disabilities Act
A list of publications with information on the Americans With Disabilities Act. Posted by Disability Rights California.

Housing Problems 
Publications to help people with disabilities with housing problems. Posted by Disability Rights California.

Construction-Related Accessibility Claims: Information and Instructions to Assist Defendants
You may be entitled to ask for a 90-day stay (temporary stoppage) and Early Evaluation Conference if you have been sued in a case involving a claim of construction-related accessibility, including claims under Civil Code section 51, 54, 54.1, or 55. Read this information sheet to find out more.

Construction-Related Accessibility Claims: Information and Instructions to Assist Plaintiffs
An eligible defendant in a case with construction related disability access claims may seek an Early Evaluation Conference and a 90-day stay of those claims. The eligibility requirements are set forth in Civil Code section 55.53(c). Read this information sheet to find out more.

Workplace and Employment Issues for People with Disabilities - Video Series
A series of six “know your rights” videos in American Sign Language (ASL) with English captioning. The videos feature deaf interpreters explaining concepts relevant to workers who are deaf or hard of hearing, including: discrimination, reasonable accommodation, unemployment insurance, temporary disability benefits, and leaves of absence. Two of the videos are geared specifically toward survivors of domestic violence, sexual harassment, and stalking. By the Legal Aid Society Employment Law Center.