Administrative Agencies

Below is a list of many relevant state agencies of California. Click on the name of the California agency related to the topic you are looking for to be taken to that page. 

California Department of Child Support Services

California Department of Developmental Services

California Department of Education, Child Development Division

Employment Development Department

Fair Employment and Housing Council

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing

California Department of Health Care Services

California Department of Housing and Community Development

California Department of Health Care Services - Mental Health Services

California Department of Industrial Relations- Labor Commissioner's Office

California Department of Motor Vehicles

California Department of Public Health

California Department of Social Services

California Department of Rehabilitation

California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Includes a link to the Administrative Procedure Act, California regulations, and all agency precedent decisions. You can also view a video, "How to Prepare for Your Appeal Hearing," to help you prepare for your hearing appealing a denial of unemployment insurance. The video is on on the agency's home page.

Division of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH, aka Cal/OSHA)
Agency conducts investigations rather than hearings.

Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH)
OAH runs administrative hearings for over 1,400 state and local government agencies. OAH also has alternative dispute resolution and mediation services, which work to find a settlement agreeable to both sides. This website also has a link to the Administrative Procedure Act (part of the Government Code) that provides rules for hearings run by the OAH.

Public Utilities Commission

Social Security Administration (federal SSA)

State Personnel Board

Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board
For victim/witness benefits.

Workers' Compensation Appeals Board