Juvenile Delinquency Court Assessment

The 2008 Juvenile Delinquency Court Assessment (JDCA) was a comprehensive research study of the California delinquency court system based on surveys and focus groups conducted with delinquency court professionals and court users.  It is intended to help improve both the administration of justice and the lives of youth, victims and other community members affected by the delinquency system by helping set an agenda for system improvements over the coming years.

Juvenile Delinquency Court Assessment Final Report – Volume 1 and 2 (8.1MB)

Report Components

Volume 1: Full version

Volume 1: Cover, Foreward, and Acknowledgements

Volume 1: Table of Contents

Volume 1: Executive Summary

Volume 1: Chapters 1–7

Volume 2: Full version

Volume 2: Cover, Foreward, and Acknowledgements

Volume 2: Table of Contents

Volume 2: Chapter 1 – Methodology Report

Volume 2: Chapter 2 – Judicial Officer Report

Volume 2: Chapter 3 – Probation Report

Volume 2: Chapter 4 – Attorney Report

Volume 2: Chapter 5 – Court Users and Community Members Report

Volume 2: Chapter 6 – Facilities Report

Volume 2: Chapter 7 – Research Instruments